The Garden in Winter

In winter, garden beauty takes a different turn.
(Photos not yet in final order)
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From camera 273

Hoarfrost on Lilac 'Josee'

From camera 293

Frosty pine needles

Ice crystal closeup

Hoarfrost brings new meaning to barbed wire

From camera 266

Winter clothes pins

Photos saved from camera 1899

Street view

Photos saved from camera 1897

Front gardens with house partly visible

Photos saved from camera 1878

View toward our gardens from Cemetery Lane

Photos saved from camera 1860

Along the walkway through our gardens

Winter-Snowy plumes of Miscanthus malepartus

Snowy plumes of Miscanthus malepartus

Winter-Snowy cobblestones

Frosty cobblestones

Winter-Meadow trees

Meadow trees

Winter-Icy lantern and Echinacea seed head with snow hat

Icy lantern and Echinacea seed head with snow hat

Winter-Icy asparagus

Icy asparagus


Snow-capped hydrangeas

Winter-Herb garden & Dwarf Alberta spruce

Herb garden & Dwarf Alberta spruce

Winter-Front patio

Front patio

Winter-Crepe Myrtle

Icy Crepe Myrtle

Winter-Back patio with snowy lilac

Back patio with snowy lilac

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