I desperately need more space for my seedlings, so I'm selling some of my daylily clumps at the price of a double fan! Clumps may vary somewhat in size. First come, first served. Please order early to avoid disappointment. All sales are final. I may add more clumps to the sale as the season progresses.

HOW TO ORDER THESE DAYLILIES: Follow the normal process in our regular listing ( You will receive a clump rather than a double fan.

STAY TUNED. Once the fans have emerged this spring, there will be additional offers. I have a number of daylilies that have between one and three fans. They will be specially priced in our regular listing and will also be listed here.

Bold Marauder (4)

Bold Marauder $8.00/clump

Buddy's Betsy2

Buddy's Betsy $15.00

Buddy's Shaun (2)

Buddy's Shaun $15.00/clump

Dan White (3)

Dan White $30.00/clump

John R. Pike (2)

John R. Pike $25.00/clump

Lillian's Alabama Pride (3)

Lillian's Alabama Pride $15.00/clump

Mont Royal Red (2)

Mont Royal Red $12.00/clump

Quilt Patch

Quilt Patch $10.00/clump

Radiation Biohazard (2)

Radiation Biohazard $8.00/clump

Raspberry Prism (2)

Raspberry Prism $15.00/clump

Soco Gap (2)

Soco Gap $10.00/Clump

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