Schwarzwurzel (European Black Salsify)

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Schwarzwurzel (European Black Salsify)

Schwarzwurzel ("black root") is still a popular vegetable in German gardens today. Amana folks prepared it by scraping the black skin from the root (in carrot fashion) and simmering it in water or stock, perhaps with onions added, the liquid being thickened to a sauce before serving. The flavor is unique, mild, and delicious. It is quite unlike the American salsify or "oyster root."

Sow in spring and cover to thickness of seed. Roots will be ready to harvest in fall before the ground freezes. At the grower's discretion, roots may be left in the ground to winter over, providing both seed and a larger root the following year. The seeds are harvested when a fluffy down appears on the seed head. It's a good idea to cover the seeds before the fluff unfolds, as birds love them, especially goldfinches.

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