Why Doesn't My Daylily Look Like the Picture?

Aug 18, 2015


Those of us who grow daylilies are often told that in order to find daylilies that do well for us, we should check local gardens and growers to see what cultivars are being grown. Fair enough. But what if you're the adventurous type and would like to grow beautiful daylilies you've seen in photos but are not available locally? You are left with two choices: to visit the hybridizer/seller when the cultivar is in bloom or to order the cultivar online. If the hybridizer or seller is within a reasonable traveling distance, that might be a viable option. Chances are, though, that many will be located far enough away that it's not worth your time and expense or that you may not be able to travel during the relatively short period that the cultivar is in bloom. So online purchases seem like the best option. I've made many of them.

We all like to put our best foot forward. Daylily hybridizers and sellers are no different.

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