List of Polymerous Daylilies (10%-100%)

Nov 21, 2015
Give Me Eight

Photo taken in my garden

POLYMEROUS 'Give Me Eight' (Reinke 1993)

Peony Display

Photo taken in my garden

DOUBLE 'Peony Display' (Henry 1991)

Daylily A Gift for Treva

DOUBLE (with sparse central tissue) 'A Gift for Treva' (Eller 2008)

In the 1990s, a new classification of daylilies was recognized by the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS). These daylilies were called "polytepals" because they have more than the usual six tepals. (Tepal is a collective term for the petals and sepals in a daylily blossom.) However, in 2008 the AHS abandoned this term in favor of "polymerous."

What, then, is a polymerous daylily bloom? These flowers can appear occasionally on any cultivar, although some cultivars are more likely to produce polymerous daylilies than others. Hybridizers have been working to create cultivars with more than sporadic production of polymerous blooms. As you will see in the list below, percentage of polymerous blooms among these cultivars still varies considerably. There are several that are 100% polymerous, so some progress has been made.

It is important to note that some hybridizers of newer polys fail to list the percentage, hence the lack of percentages for some of the newer cultivars below.

Polymerous daylilies are different from double daylilies. The former look like regular daylilies, just with more tepals arranged around the base of the flower, while double daylilies have tepals arising out of the center of the flower. This extra tissue can be quite dense or quite sparse, with both kinds blooming on the same plant. See photos above for examples. Click on photos to enlarge.
Last updated April 2017
Hemerocallis 'Airdrie' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Always Mystical' 15%

Hemerocallis 'Amber's Blush' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Ambrosia Sundayhaus' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Ann A. Santaniello' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Aquaman' 20%

Hemerocallis 'As You Wish' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Aslan's Mane' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Aunt Nora' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Awaba Sunray' 15%

Hemerocallis 'Bachelor's Dream' 40%

Hemerocallis 'Banana Fields' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Bananas in Pajamas' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Banjo Bird' 25%

Hemerocallis 'Bee's Marcia Rigsby' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Benjamin Timothy Forrester' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Beware the Wizard' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Bluegrass Bubblegum' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Bob Daniel' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Bob's Angelic Beauty' 40%

Hemerocallis 'Bohemian Lifestyle' 25%

Hemerocallis 'Boot Scoot'n County San Joaquin' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Boozin' Susan' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Bring Home the Gold' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Bronco Bill' 30%

Hemerocallis 'Butterfield Eight' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Calico Poly' 55%

Hemerocallis 'Carolina Flying Poly Possum' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Carolina Octopus' 65%

Hemerocallis 'Carolina Starfish' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Centennial Brady William' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Centennial Eight' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Centennial Four Moons' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Centennial Gambler's Dream' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Centennial Gold Dream' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Centennial Purple Drum' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Centennial Square' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Charleston Peachy Petals 20%'

Hemerocallis 'Chief Four Fingers' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Chris Fatman Wilson' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Christmas Coming' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Counter-Terrorist' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Crazy Eights' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Crazy Horse's Vision' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Crazy Mr Jim' 70%

Hemerocallis 'Crimson Nation' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Cross-stitches' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Delicate One' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Dolly Poly' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Double Medusa' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Dowis Mama's Best' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Down Under Jen Wren' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Dressed in Lace' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Eight Days a Week' 99%

Hemerocallis 'Eight is Great' 99%

Hemerocallis 'Emerald Starburst' 15%

Hemerocallis 'Enchanted Octopus' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Extra Addition' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Fino' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Five or Four' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Flash of Javelins' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Flint Hills Show Girl' 25%

Hemerocallis 'For Eternal Purposes Only' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Forsyth Tepaled Double' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Four by Four' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Four Diamonds' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Four Eyes' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Four Play' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Four Star' (listed as a double by AHS)

Hemerocallis 'Fours are Wild' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Fractured Symmetry' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Friends for Life' 25% (less than 10 buds per scape)

Hemerocallis 'Fuchsia Four' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Full of Fours' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Game Changer' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Gary's Light' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Generation X' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Give Me Eight' 70%

Hemerocallis 'Glenda Warren Jordan' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Gold Starburst' 30%

Hemerocallis 'Good Girls Do' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Got No Goat' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Grapefruit Guts' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Great Sand Dunes National Park' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Green Thing From Outer Space' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Greywoods Dixie Belle' 15%

Hemerocallis 'Greywoods Dressage Queen' 15%

Hemerocallis 'Gulf Coast Sun Burst' (considered a double)

Hemerocallis 'Han-lin' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Heavenly Mellow Yellow' (considered a double)

Hemerocallis 'Heliosphere' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Her Poly' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Hilda Dean' 95% (looks like a double and has less than 10 buds per scape)

Hemerocallis 'Hip to Be Square' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Hooded Cobra' 60%

Hemerocallis 'How Should I Bloom' 40%

Hemerocallis 'Hypnotized' (no percentage listed)

Hemerocallis 'I Am Not a Mutant' 100%

Hemerocallis 'I Have Issues' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Igor F. Palacios, M.D.' 50%

Hemerocallis 'In Celebration of Life' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Irish Handshake' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Irschenberger Labyrinth' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Janene's Ghost' 50%

Hemerocallis 'John R. Pike' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Jolly Poly' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Julia's Dream' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Karen's Blessing' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Kay's Southern Elegance' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Kazimierz Bartel' 25%

Hemerocallis 'Kimberly Ann Noethe' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Kurt Wyatt Goudey' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Larry Young's Wow' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Lavender Fascination' 85 %

Hemerocallis 'Leslie Davy's Century' 85% (under 10 buds per scape)

Hemerocallis 'Lillian's Crazy Arms' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Linden Fantasy' (no percentage listed)

Hemerocallis 'Lindsay' 99%

Hemerocallis 'Love Camilla' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Mach One' 85 %

Hemerocallis 'Mae Katheryn Hogancamp' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Magical Indeed' (no percentage listed)

Hemerocallis 'Magnolia Poly Princess' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Masked Mouse' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Mermaids Splash' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Merry Morgan' 99% (under 10 buds per scape)

Hemerocallis 'Moana Gloria May' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Mont Royal Spirit' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Moosa Pa Loosa' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Moose Man' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Moosie My Love' 90%

Hemerocallis 'More than Four' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Moreau Memories' 90% (under 10 buds per scape)

Hemerocallis 'Mountain Laurel Sundayhaus' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Mudra' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Multi-Tasking' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Mutant Species' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Mystic Jellyfish' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Nature's Strawberry Prism' 25%

Hemerocallis 'Navajo Sand Painting' 30%

Hemerocallis 'Nawsett Wee Willy Memorial' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Neptune's Black Sea' 30%

Hemerocallis 'Nouvelle Vague' 60%

Hemerocallis 'Octomom' 45%

Hemerocallis 'Osterized' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Padmasana' 99%

Hemerocallis 'Pancake Platypus' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Papa’s Little Girl' 80 %

Hemerocallis 'Peck's Poly' 70%

Hemerocallis 'Pink Ibis' 25%

Hemerocallis 'Plein Air Paintbrush' 30%

Hemerocallis 'Points of Compass' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Polar Wind' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Polly Esther' 25%

Hemerocallis 'Poly B'Golly' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Poly Cupping Up' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Poly Foxing Around' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Poly Parrot' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Poly Want a Cracker' 65%

Hemerocallis 'Poly in a Pear Tree' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Poly's Cotton Candy' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Poly's Full Moon' 70%

Hemerocallis 'Polymultipetalicious' (really a double)

Hemerocallis 'Polywog in a Bog' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Pompous Polly' 98%

Hemerocallis 'Portia's Wedding' 30%

Hemerocallis 'Pretty Eyed Poly' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Princess Polly' ("high percentage")

Hemerocallis 'Purple Fascination' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Quad Quiddity' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Queen Kathleen' 25%

Hemerocallis 'Rambunctious Rosie' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Redefining Genetics' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Reine des Rivières' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Release Your Inhibitions' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Remembering Flo Nix' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Resistance is Futile' 85%

Hemerocallis 'Richard Burke' 60%

Hemerocallis 'River Wind' (% unknown)

Hemerocallis 'Ruth Evelyn Randall' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Sabat Czarownic' 10%

Hemerocallis 'Sallie Brown' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Scott's Gold' 15%

Hemerocallis 'Secret Agent Babe' 75%

Hemerocallis 'Simple Origita' 70%

Hemerocallis 'Sing Song Wish Cream' (no percentage listed)

Hemerocallis 'Spiral Sun' (no percentage listed)

Hemerocallis 'Star Poly' 95%

Hemerocallis 'Status Update' 55%

Hemerocallis 'Steven B. Forrester' 98%

Hemerocallis 'Summon the Shadows' 30%

Hemerocallis 'Sun Moon Stars' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Sweet Melon' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Swim Bike Run' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Sylvan Surprise Eights' (no percentage listed)

Hemerocallis 'Take Care' 30%

Hemerocallis 'Temporal Anomaly' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Tennoaks Hamunaptra' 65%

Hemerocallis 'The Moose Camped in a Tent on Tuesday' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Tim's Memory' 15%

Hemerocallis 'Time and Dimension' 45%

Hemerocallis 'Too Many Petals' 100%

Hemerocallis 'Touched by the Master' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Two Hearts, One Love' 50%

Hemerocallis 'Wanna Cracker' 90%

Hemerocallis 'Warna' 25%

Hemerocallis 'When Darkness Falls' 25%

Hemerocallis 'Which Way Did He Go' 40%

Hemerocallis 'Whispers from Heaven' 25%

Hemerocallis 'Wicked White Witch' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Wonder of Julie' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Zachary S. Hickey' 20%

Hemerocallis 'Zastrugi' 80%

Hemerocallis 'Zoie Beth' 75%

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