Evergreen Daylilies Hardy in Zone 5 (as Listed by Growers)

Dec 19, 2014

(Last updated: February 2018-- 2,680+ cultivars)
A commonly held belief by many zone 5 gardeners is that it’s better to avoid evergreen daylilies because they’re not reliably hardy (although there are some that really are). If you do try evergreens, the conventional wisdom goes, it’s best to stick with the older cultivars. While that may be true, my purpose in compiling this list is to assist me and to encourage other gardeners to try newer evergreen daylilies in their own gardens. Doing so will involve some risk, of course, unless gardeners know others who are growing a particular evergreen cultivar in the same general hardiness zone.

There is always the option of contacting the hybridizer to ask about hardiness. It has been my experience that many southern hybridizers (where most evergreens originate) don't know whether their cultivars are "northern hardy." Some of my fellow daylily enthusiasts have concluded that some hybridizers will say that a given cultivar is hardy, even if they don't know for sure.

The listing below contains over 2,680 daylilies (and counting) that are grown for sale by vendors in their zone 5 gardens or fields and are designated as evergreen. Years of registration for evergreen daylilies run all the way from the 1930s to the most recent year’s registrations.

The list includes all growers I was able to find via the Internet. It was a long, slow, and tedious project, but for me it was well worth the effort. Because it would have required a much greater effort to include particulars about each cultivar, I chose not to do so here. However, https://garden.org has an amazing resource. Its daylily database (https://garden.org/plants/group/daylilies/) lists over 80,000 cultivars with all the relevant data. The majority of the cultivars are accompanied by more than one photo. That is the advantage of the this database over the one located at the American Hemerocallis Society, which has only a single photo of each cultivar (http://www.daylilies.org/DaylilyDB/). Photos in this blog that were not taken in our gardens are taken from the National Gardening Association Database. If you haven’t visited the database, you will be amazed at the variation that can occur in a cultivar’s colors, shapes, and patterns. (See my discussion of this issue in my blog post here: https://cottageinthemeadow.plantfans.com/BlogPosts/LARRY_S_OBSESSION_DISCOVERING_THE_WONDERFUL_WORLD_OF_DAYLILIES ) The variations shown in these photos may be due to many factors. Among them are:

• The camera used and the skill of the photographer
• Photoshopping
• Genetics
• Growing conditions
• Time of day
• Weather (which can vary considerably throughout zone 5)
• Soil type and amendments, including fertilizers and water

Claudia Conway at Running Fox Farm (www.dayliliesatrunningfoxfarm.com), Canterbury, New Hampshire (zone 5b), is an intrepid daylily grower who experiments with evergreen varieties. She has contributed the names of a number of cultivars to the list below and will continue doing so. If you have questions or comments about hardiness and gardening practices, she stands ready to answer them at the link above.

If you are located in zone 5 and successfully grow evergreens not on my list, I would appreciate hearing from you. You can reach me at the email link at the bottom of the page.

Comments from other gardeners:

"I have Royal Extravaganza and it made it through zone 5 just fine and is on its 2nd year. - I think I only got a couple of blooms last year, but very pretty. Wild Horses does not look too great, but ok. I guess I need to give it some more time. My Evergreens that died by rotting or just died off or won't grow: Red Eyed Fantasy, Lone Star Sweetheart, Silver Sides, Dragonfly Dawn (hangs on, but does nothing by the 3rd year), Autumn Concerto, Lacy All Over, Spacecoast Sea Shells, Buddy's Ariel, Free Wheelin' (I have tried 3 times—done!), Truffles Milanese. Tammy Faye Eyes, Nicole's American Beauty, Picasso, Intrigue, Wonder Child, Pixie Patchwork. No more Harry, Lambertson or Kirchhoff [hybridizers] for me. I really have to stay away from most evergreens. I waste way too much money on them. I do have some that do well though: Joan Senior, Destined to See, Symphony of Praise, Voila Francois, Abilene Lilian, The Band Played On, Memphis, Gisela's Sunshine, Merlin the Magician, Get Jiggy (although some people say it is dormant), Michigan Nikki, Coral Nebula, Shipwreck Cove. I have to say that when I check my spreadsheet of daylilies, that the ones that do the best and have the biggest fans which I love and grow the best overall are dormants."

"I would not waste my money on Dragonfly Dawn if you live in the north. Maybe if you are in a pocket of zone 6 or better...I tried 3 years and nothing. I do not agree with the zone 5 hardy list at all. I have had many plants that are supposedly hardy die.
[Evergreens] are daylilies that would stay green somewhere where it doesn't freeze the leaves off. Leaf hardiness is different from plant hardiness, so a daylily that gets its leaves frozen off will still survive if the crown is hardy."

"There may be some advantage for evergreens in the coldest zones where they don't try to grow during winter because there aren't sufficiently mild spells for growth between freezes like there are in the "middle" zones. Snow cover probably also helps although evergreen daylilies have survived for years in my zone 4 garden where it can get to -20F or thereabouts with almost no snow cover.

It's best to purchase daylilies that have been grown successfully in cold areas unless you wish to experiment. Daylilies from the south tend to be evergreen because people prefer to have green all year. This also means that unless they have been tested in cold winter areas, you don't know if they are hardy. It's the same for deciduous ("dormant") daylilies, although they are more likely to have been hybridized in the north. Dormant does not necessarily = hardy.

Although foliage type and hardiness are two separate things, since daylilies of all foliage types can be cold hardy, the key is whether they have been tested for it unless one wants to do it at one's own expense."

"Dragonfly Dawn did not make it for me here in Michigan. Happy Happy struggles a bit but I still have 3 fans of it and Free Wheelin hangs on here. Lillian’s Vapor Trail so far has done fairly well. I lost Frog's Eye and Desert Icicle, and Dovealicious has struggled for the last 3 years. Not sure of that will continue to hang on or not."

"These three [non-evergreens] I planted and never saw again:.
Pardon Me
Red Rum
Woodside Romance

But Jolyene Nichole comes back each year and is beautiful."

Grower John DeMory reports that so far all of the cultivars hybridized by Dan and Jane Trimmer--and that includes their evergreens--have been hardy in his zone 5 garden. He grows several hundred of their cultivars. According to the American Hemerocallis Society, the Trimmers have registered 347 daylilies to date (3/1/15).

So, after that rather long discussion, if you're still feeling adventurous, here is my list of "hardy" evergreens:

Hardy Evergreens (as listed by commercial growers)

A Bauble For Bilbo
A Bodacious Pattern
A Few Good Men
A Legacy From The Heart
A Little Night Music
Aaron's Dinner Plate
Aaron's Whopper
Abilene Crab Claws
Abilene Goat Tracks
Abilene Golden Boy
Abilene Lillian
Ablazing Rimfire
Above The Clouds
Absolute Ripper
Absolute Treasure
Absolute Zero
Abundant Ruffles
Accent On Style
Across The Border
Across The Galaxy
Across The Universe
Acting On Impulse
Active Mood
Ada May Musick
Adrienne's Surprise
Advance Party
Adventures With Jelly Maker
Aesthetic Ballet
Affair D' Amour
Affair To Remember
African Amulet
African Diplomat
African Grape
Afternoon Truffle
Ageless Beauty
Ahoy Matey
Aladdin's Genie
Alec Allen
Alexander Hay
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Alicia Rose Kissed
Alien Encounter
Alien's Eye
All Aboard For Columbus
All About Eve
All American Gold
All American Plum
All American Tiger
All American Windmill
All Fired Up
All I Want For Christmas
All Of Me
All Sweet
Allec Allen
Alluring Mystery
Almost a Rainbow
Almost Midnight
Aloha Kiss
Altamonte Springs
Alter Ego
Altered State
Alternate Universe
Alvatine Taylor
Always A Treasure
Always Tomorrow
Amanda's Intrigue
Amazing Grace
American Classic
America’s Most Wanted
American Flyer
American Icon
American Romeo
Among My Souvenirs
Amy Stewart
An Angel's Prayer
Anchor For My Sou
Ancient Chinese Secret
Ancient Of Days
Ancient Reflections
Andrea Croker
Angel Eyes
Angel Of Peace
Angel Of The Garden
Angelic Song
Angels Gather Round
Animal Magnetism
Ann Ghery
Ann Hathaway's Garden
Anna Rosa Glidden
Anne Marie Lewis
Annie Golightly
Another Chance Today
Answering Angels
Apple Blossom White
Apple Of My Eye
Apricot Cream Truffle
Apricot Jade
Apricot Pizzaz
Apricot Serenade
Apron Strings
Arabian Aristocrat
Arctic Blue
Arctic Elegance
Are You Listening
Arms Reaching Out
Arrayed In Splendor
Art Imperial
Art in Motion
Art Of Seduction
Ashley Bartram
Asian Applique
Asian Sky
Audrey Hepburn
August Morn
Aunt Kathryn
Aunt Polly’s Paddle
Aurelia Lundergan
Autumn Concerto
Autumn Orange Truffle
Ava Gardner
Awakening Dream
Awash With Color
Awesome Blossom
Awesome Candy
Awesome Luck
Aztec Sun Mirror
Azure Butterfly
Azure Violets
Azure Wings
Babes In Toyland
Baby Blanket
Baby Blues
Baby Boomer
Baby Darling
Baby Fresh
Baby Red Eyes
Baby Smurf
Baby Valentine
Back In Black
Back Scratcher
Baffin Bay Beauty
Baja California
Balalaika Munson
Bali Watercolor
Ballerina Beautiful
Ballerina On Ice
Ballet Music
Band Of Gypsies
Barbara Kirby
Barbara Mandrell
Barbara Watts
Barbarian Princess
Barefoot Bay
Baronet’s Badge
Barry Goldwater
Bart Roberts
Bas Relief
Bat Masterson
Be Thine
Beacon At Dusk
Beaded Light
Beaded Truffle
Beaufort Slim Pitkin
Beautiful Edgings
Beautiful Melody
Beautifully Embossed
Beauty Alive
Beauty Marked
Beauty Of The Empire
Beauty Of The King
Becky Stone
Before My Eyes
Belgian Red
Bella Note
Bella Sera
Beloved Deceiver
Beloved Rogue
Ben Lee
Benjamin Matthew Menges
Berry Cheesecake
Beside Still Waters
Best in Class
Best Kept Secret
Best Of Friends
Bethany Broncos
Bette Davis Eyes
Better Than Butter
Better Than Ever
Betty Bennett Brown
Betty Brown
Betty Warren Woods
Beverly Rayburn
Beyond Eden
Beyond Riches
Beyond Pluto
Beyond The Sky
Big Bully
Big City Eye
Big Dipper
Big Eyed Butterfly
Big Honking Brazen Hussy
Big Honking Flaming Floozy
Big Honking Hellabalou
Big Navy
Big Red Wagon
Big Snow
Big Yellow Taxi
Billy Stennett
Bird Bath Pink
Bird's Eye
Bit Of Blue
Bitten Ag'in
Bittersweet Holiday
Bizarre Behavior
Black Eyed Bully
Black Eyed Jester
Black Fathom Depths
Black Handlebars
Black Hornet
Black Lapis
Black Plush
Black Twister
Blackberries And Cream
Blackberry Candy
Blackberry Jack
Blackjack Cherry
Blazing Saddles
Blessed Assurance
Blizzard Wizard
Blood Of Shiloh
Blooms Within
Blue Ambition
Blue Beat
Blue Desire
Blue Destiny
Blue Dragon
Blue Eyed Angel
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Blue Illusion
Blue Lake
Blue Mountains
Blue Oasis
Blue Orchid
Blue Racer
Blue Rhino
Blue Ribbon Roundup
Blue Tooth
Blue Viper
Blueberries And Cream
Blueberry Dream
Blueberry Frost
Blueberry Pie
Bluebird Butterfly
Bluegrass Candy
Blues Avenue
Blushing Bride
Blushing Parfait
Boardwalk Café
Bobbie Gerold
Boca Ratan
Bold Awakening
Bold Butterfly
Bold Encounter
Bold Red Eyes
Bolero Eyes
Bonnie Holley
Boomerang Effect
Boot Scootin Beauty
Born To Run
Born Too Late
Both Sides Now
Bottle Rocket
Boundless Beauty
Bountiful Candy
Boysenberry Truffle
Brazilian Exotic
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Breaking My Heart
Breaking Waves
Breathless Beauty
Brent Gabriel
Bridal Path
Bridal Suite
Bridge Of Dreams
Bridgeton Kindness
Brief Enchantment
Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed
Brighten My Day
Brilliant Forecast
Broadway Doll
Broadway Mystique
Broadway Nights
Bronzed and Beautiful
Brookwood Gilt Edge
Brown Eyed Girl
Buck Busby
Buckets Of Butter
Buckskin Tales
Buddy's Droopy
Buddy's Victoria Jade
Buddy's Wild And Wonderful
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee Boogie
Bumblebee Beautiful
Bumper Crop
Bunny Ears
Burgundy Twister
Burning Desire
Business Unusual
But Now I See
Butch And Barbara's Cracked Eggs
Buttercup Days
Butterflies And Rainbows
Butterflies Are Free
Butterfly Ballet
Butterfly Cove
Butterfly Garden
Butterfly King
Butterfly Ripples
Butterfly Shores
Butterscotch Ruffles
By Design
Byran Paul
Cabbage Flower
Cactus Jack
Cahaba Gold
Cairo Night
Cajun Gambler
Cajun Lady
Cajun Queen
Calamity Jane
Calico Jack
Calico Spider
Calistoga Sun
Call Me Irresistible
Callie Kaiser
Calling All Angels
Calming Effect
Calyn And Caitlyn
Calypso Green
Camden Queen
Cameroon Night
Canadian Border Patrol
Candied Popcorn Perfection
Candy Curls
Canton Harbor
Canyon Colors
Capristrano Bells
Captain Ahab
Captain Blue
Capture the Vision
Caramel Crunch
Caramel Glaze
Cardigan Bay
Cardinal Kisses
Carefree Ways
Caribbean Affair
Caribbean Anne Mcwilliams
Caribbean David Elkins
Caribbean Double Coral
Caribbean Double Lemon
Caribbean Double Sunshine
Caribbean Eye Spy
Caribbean Fire Beacon
Caribbean Frank League
Caribbean Golden Galeon
Caribbean Howdy
Caribbean Lavender Butterfly
Caribbean Lisa's Life
Caribbean Little Jessie
Caribbean Perfection Plus
Caribbean Reggae Moon
Caribbean Rosie Christa
Caribbean Snowcap
Carlee Longman
Carl's Folly
Carnival in Mexico
Carnival Mask
Carol Todd
Carolina Copper
Carolina Spirit
Carrie And Jack
Carson City
Cartier's Gem
Castle Rock
Casual Pleasure
Cat Ballou
Cat Claws
Catch Your Breath
Catcher In The Eye
Cathedral Of Praise
Cat's Cradle
Caught Red Handed
Cayenne Pepper
Cee Tee
Celebration Of Angels
Celestial City
Celestial Command Performance
Celestial Empire
Celestial Shore
Celtic Butterfly
Celtic Veins
Century Club
Cerise Beauty
Cerise Masterpiece
Chablis Blanc
Chain Energy
Champagne Frills
Champagne Mist
Champagne Moon
Chance Encounter
Chang Dynasty
Change Of Heart
Changing Seasons
Charles Buckman
Chartered Course
Charting New Waters
Chateau Blanc
Chautauqua Happy Talk
Chautauqua Ruby
Cheetah Safari
Cherokee Legend
Cherokee Mary
Cherry Burst
Cherry Chapeau
Cherry Charm
Cherry Ice Cream Smile
Cherry Pie Delight
Cherry Surprise
Cherry Valentine
Cherub's Kiss
Cheryl and Murray
Chesapeake Bay
Chestnut Mountain
Chevron Spider
Chicago Mist
Chicago Ruby
Chicago Sunrise
Chicks Dig It
China Clipper
China Veil
Chinese Autumn
Chinese Cloisonne
Chinese Patchwork
Chinese Princess
Chinese Scribe
Chinese Temple Flower
Chinese Watercolor
Choral Fantasy
Chorus Line Lady
Chorus Line
Christening Spirit
Christine Dixon
Christmas Celebration
Christmas Cotton
Christmas Tidings
Christmas Wishes
Christopher Moody
Ciel D’or
Cinderella's Castle
Cindy Jones
Cindy Marie
Circle Of Beauty
Circulatory System
Circus Truffle
Cisco Kid
Clairvoyant Lady
Clarence Simon
Clarence Williams
Clark Gable
Classic Edge
Classic Form
Claudine's Charm
Clay Basket
Clear Mountain Morning
Clearing the Fog
Clearly A Thrill
Cleopatra Of Gascone
Clothed In Glory
Cloud Ballet
Cloud Chaser
Clouds Of Glory
Clovette Adams
Cluster Muster
Cobalt Dawn (P. Stamile)
Coconut Grove
Coffee To Go
Coit Tower
Collard Dream
Collector's Choice
Color Of Innocence
Color Surge
Colorado Moon Fire
Colorful Etchings
Colorful Impressions
Come What May
Compass Point South
Complementary Colors
Connie Burton
Cool & Crepey
Cool Blue
Cool Jazz
Cool Runnings
Cool Summer Breeze
Copper Dawn
Copper Royale
Coquina Conquest
Coral Cay
Coral Pink
Core Values
Coronal Light
Cosmic Adventure
Cosmic Caper
Cosmic Envoy
Cosmic Kaleidoscope
Cosmic Odyssey
Cosmic Traveler
Count Your Assets
Counted Shadows
Country Pride
Court Magician
Courtney Anne
Cowboys Don't Cry
Coyote Moon
Cracks in Concrete
Cranberry Christmas
Cranberry Country
Cranberry Winter
Crazy Crane
Crazy Miss Daisy
Cream Desire
Creamy Mist
Create Your Dream
Creative Moments
Creative Vision
Creole Moon
Crescent Jump
Crimson Beacon
Crimson Cowboy
Crimson Edgings
Crimson Flood
Crimson Sheen
Crimson Wind
Crown of Enchantment
Crowning Fire
Crumpled Creation
Crush On You
Cryptic Cypher
Crystal Blue Persuasion
Crystal Charm
Crystal Singer
Cuban Skies
Cupid Calling
Curb Appeal
Curly Rosy Posey
Curly Twirly Shirley
Cutie Pie
Cyber Zone
Cynthia Jane Scott
Cynthia Smith's Heart
Cutting Loose
Dagny Hooks
Dakota Destiny
Dan Mack Mitchell
Dancing Jubilee
Dancing On Air
Dancing With Julie
Dancing With Myself
Dancy Nancy
Dark Angel
Dark Forces
Dark Magician
Dark Monkey
Dark Night Dynamite
Dark Prince
Dark Reflection
Dark Star
Dark Wonder
Darkness Reigns
Darla Anita
Darling Of Heaven
Davidson Spider
Daybloomer Dreams
Dazzling Design
De Colores
Deanna's Gift
Debarry Canary
Debra Jorgensen
Deep Peace
Delaware Doosey
Delight Of My Eyes
Delta Blues
Depths Of My Heart
Desert Moon
Desire Of Nations
Destined To See
Deutsch Dancer
Devaughn Hodges
Devil’s Fire
Devil's Magic
Devil's Spindle
Dewy Sweet
Diamond Dusted Borders
Diamond Girl
Diamond In The Rough
Diamond Silk
Diana Grenfell
Diane Joiner
Different Dimension
Dimpled Dynamite
Disciple Of David
Divine Light
Dixie Ayers
Dixie Highway
Dixie Hummingbird
Dixie Rooster
Dixie Sunrise
Dixieland Band
Dizzy Dots
Doc Holliday
Doll Brazell
Dollop of Cream
Doma Knaresborough
Don Allen
Donnie Kay's Smile
Don't Look Back
Don't Mess With Me
Doo Wop
Dottie’s Rompers
Double Apricot Glow
Double Blueberry Pie
Double Bronze Puff
Double Buttercup
Double Button
Double Centennial
Double Concerto
Double Cutie
Double Doubloon
Double Gardenia
Double Gold
Double Grapette
Double Image
Double Mandarin
Double Melody
Double Passion
Double Peach Charmer
Double Peach Schnapps
Double Royal Purple
Double Tour Time
Doubly Delicious Dandy
Douglas Lycett
Dove In Flight
Dove of Gascone
Dove Of Peace
Dowager Empress
Dr. Jerrold Corbett
Dr. Regel
Dragon Fang
Dragon Flight
Dragonfly Dawn
Dragon Heart
Dragon King
Dragon Seeker
Dragonfly Dawn
Dragonfly Dreams
Dragonfly Wings
Dream Candy
Dream Icicle
Dream Legacy
Dream Machine
Dream Runner
Dress Blues
Drifter's Paradise
Dripping With Gold
Driving Me Wild
Drooling Lizard
Drop Cloth
Duck's Luck
Duke Ellington
Duke Of Gascone
Dusty Splash
Dutch Yellow Truffle
Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Glow
Early Bird
Earlybird Cardinal
Early Fragrance
Early To Bed
Earlybird Cardinal
Easter Greeting
Easy Ned
Easy Spirit
Ebony Fire
Ebony Jewel
Ebony Pools
Echoes From The Past
Eclipse Of The Heart
Edge Of Acclaim
Edge Of Darkness
Edge Of Eden
Edge Of Madness
Edge Of Paradise
Edge Of Shangrila
Edged in Ink
Edged In Pink
Edged in Red
Eenie Weenie
Egyptian Ibis
Egyptian Markings
Egyptian Pearl
Egyptian Queen
Eight Miles High
El Condor
El Tigre
Eleanor Roosevelt
Electric Lizard
Electric Marmalade Magic
Elegant Expressions
Elegant Harmony
Elegant Universe
Element Of Surprise
Elisa Dallas
Elizabeth Ferguson
Elizabeth White
Elmo Jackson
Eloquent Cay
Eloquent Silence
Elsie Spalding
Elves Watermark
Elvin Archer
Emerald Bay
Emerald Prism
Emerald Splendor
Emerie Baker
Emmy Jo Cunico
Emperor Butterfly
Emperor’s Dragon
Enchanted Empress
Enchanted Rainbow
End Of The Day
Endless Heart
Endless Summer
Endowed With Charm
Enduring Love
English Lavender
Entwined In The Vine
Erin Pink
Eskimo Kisses
Essence of Royalty
Etched Eyes
Etched Fantasy
Eternal Memories
Eternal Warrior
Eternity's Shadow
Ethel Buccola
Etosha Flame
Euro Mazing
Evee Marie Cunico
Evelyn Claar
Evelyn Gates
Evelyn Kloeris
Evelyn Lela Stout
Evening Enchantment
Ever Delightful
Every Gladness
Exotic Gown
Exotic Pattern
Expanding Universe
Eye Catching
Eye Chiwawa
Eye For Eye
Eye of Excellence
Eye Of The Beholder
Eye Of The Hurricane
Eye Scream Sunday
Eyed Alligator
Eyed Radiance
Eyelash Viper
Eyes Of A Child
Eyes Of Faith
Eyes of the World
Eyes Right Jones
Faberge's Gift
Fabulous Prize
Face of the Stars
Face The Fire
Fair Child
Fairy Firecracker
Fancy Border
Fancy Face
Fancy Illusion
Fancy Lace
Fantasy Fringe
Fantasy Frolic
Farmer's Daughter
Farmville Party Time
Farmville Stained Glass
Fashion Police
Father's Day Gift
Feathered Fascination
Feathered Prism
Feeding Frenzy
Feliz Navidad
Ferengi Gold
Festive Art
Fiery Temper
Fifth Dimension
Filipina Bride
Finders Keepers
Fingers Of Faith
Fire Agate
Fire Bird Suite
Firefly Frenzy
Fit To Eat
Flamboyant Dancer
Flamboyant Diva
Flamboyant Edges
Flamboyant Queen
Flamenco Christmas
Flames Over Africa
Flaming Tongues
Flamingo Go Sunrise
Flamingo Windmill
Flash Force
Flash Gordon
Flashing Jewel
Flat Face
Flickering Fire
Flirt Alert
Flirty Edna
Florentine Princess
Flower Fiesta
Flying Blue Dragon
Flying Purple People Eater
Flying Trapeze
Fol De Rol
Follow Your Dreams
Fond Caress
Fooled Me
For Algernon
For Aunt Marion
For Your Eyes Only
Forbidden City
Foreign Intrigue
Forest Phantom
Forever Fascinated
Forever Island
Forever Red
Forsyth Catawba
Forsyth Lemon Drop
Forsyth Yule Tide
Fortune's Dearest
Forty Second Street
Fox Hunter
Foxy Loxy
Frances Busby
Francois Verhaert
Frank Gladney
Frank Smith
Frank Teele
Franklin Edward League
Fred Manning
Free As The Wind
Free The Night
Free Wheelin’
Freedom's Triumph
French Connection
French Pavilion
French Silk
French Twist
Frequent Comment
Frills And Fancies
Frilly Bliss
Fringe Benefit
Fringe Science
Fringing Coral Reef
Fritz Schroer
Frog's Eye
Fuelling the Fires
Full Of Magic
Fun In The Sunshine
Fun Time Frolic
Funky Blues
Future Design
Galaxy Quest
Garden Jitterbug
Garden Goddess
Garnet Prism
Garry Bewcyk
Geisha Maiden
Geneva Pinkalicious
Geneva Pinkal
Geneva Rockin’ Robin
Geneva Strawberry Kisses
Geneva Summer Wind
Geneva Top Notch
Genie In A Bottle
Gentle Bonnie Smith
Gentle Trade Winds
Gentleman Of Verona
George Washington
Georgia Gee Whiz
Georgia O'keeffe
Georgia Pansy Face
Gerda Brooker
Gertrude Condon
Get Jiggy
Ghost Fingers
Ghost Whispers
Giant Panda
Gift From Heaven
Gilded By Grace
Gilded Shadows
Ginger Swallowtail
Ginny Mitchell
Girl’s Night Out
Gisela's Sunshine
Glacée de Roses
Gladys Campbell
Glass Palace
Glory Bright
Gnashing Of Teeth
God Alone
God Save The Queen
Going Big Time
Going Green
Gold Pinwheel
Gold Signet
Golden Bell
Golden Compass
Golden Hibiscus
Golden Honey
Golden Teardrops
Golden Throne
Golden Wisdom
Goldmist Red
Gossip Girl
Got Attitude
Gothic Finery
Grace And Grandeur
Grace and Gratitude
Grace My Love
Graceful Eye
Graham Memorial
Grand Duke
Grand Old Flag
Granny's Biscuits
Grape Kool-Aid
Grapefruit Truffle
Grateful Heart
Great Blue Heron
Great Gatsby
Great Goodness Gracious
Great Mercies
Great Smoky Mountains
Great White
Great White Dove
Greatest Gift Of All
Greatful Heart
Greek Goddess
Green Abyss
Green Dolphin Street
Green Illusion
Green Mystique
Green Revolution
Green Turtle Key
Green Widow
Growing In Grace
Guarding Gnomes
Guided by Angels
Guiniver's Gift
Gutsy Grape
Gwendolyn Rose
H. Flava Major
Hair Brain
Halloween Effect
Halloween Magic
Halloween Masquerade
Hampton Classic
Hampton Hocus Pocus
Hang Six
Hannah Marie
Happy Charmer
Happy Hooligan
Harbor Blue
Harbour Island
Hark! The Lark
Harry Barras
Harvard Yard
Havana Banana
Hawaiian Dancer
Hawaiian Nights
Hazel Sawyer
Hazmatter's Ball
Head Turner
Heady Wine, Peck
Healing Rain
Heart of Georgia
Heart of Life
Heart Stopper
Hearts Afire
Hearts and Flowers
Hearts of Dixie
Hearts of Fire
Hearts That Care
Heather Grace
Heaven’s Portals
Heavenly Blues
Heavenly Garden Jubilee
Heavenly Haviland
Heavenly Starfire
Heaven's Declaring
Heaven's Glory
Heavy Metal
Hebrew Maiden
Heliotrope Island
Hello Darkness
Hello Screamer
Henrietta Mcintyre
Henry Lorraine
Here For The Party
Here Lies Butch
Hero Worship
Hey Bud
Hidden Riches
High Blaze
High Energy
High Noon
Highland Cranberry
Highland Sprite
Highway Blues
Hill Street Blues
Hip Hop Music
His Highness
Hogwarts Express
Hold Me Hostage
Hold On My Friend
Hold Your Horses
Holy City
Holy Guacamole
Holy Mackerel
Home Of The Free
Homemade Love
Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream
Honeybunch Sweetie Pie
Hoochie Coochie Man
Hootchie Mama
Hope Dawns
Hopeless Romantic
Hopes and Dreams
Horizon Beyond
Horns And Thorns
Hot Bronze
Hot Cakes
Hot Ember
Hot Pink Fury
Hot Wire
Hotter Than July
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
How Sweet it is
Howdy Partner
Hug Me Big
Huge Returns
Hunter’s Torch
Hurricane Swirls
I Finally Did it
I Remember You
I See You
Ian Fleming
Iberian Ice
Ice Planet
Ice Queen
Iced Champagne
Icy Cool
Ida's Braid
Ida's Magic
Iddy Biddy Gal
Idle Chatter
Illiniwek's Headdress
Illustrious Progeny
Imaginary Numbers
Imagine From Gascone
Imperial Elegance
Imperial Empress
In Excess
In Style
Inca Prince
Incan Dynasty
Indian Sky*
Indigo Moon
Inherited Wealth
Inky Fingers
Inner Destiny
Insider Trading
Inspired Edge
Intaglio Image
Intertwined Entity
Intimate Moment
Into The Evening
Into The Mystic
Intrigante Délinquante
Invitation To Immortality
Irish Elf
Irish Jackpot
Iron Gate Iceberg
Island Trader
Island Warrior
Isle Of Zanzibar
Istanbul Magic
It Is Finished
It's A Miracle
Ivory Dawn
Ivory Marble
J. T. Davis
Jacki Kropf
Jupiter's FortuneJade Glow
Jade Phoenix
Jamaican Love
Jamaican Music
Jamaican Paradise
Jamaican Rita
James Davenport
James Dean
James Joyce
Jammin' With Jane
Jane Trimmer
Janet Gordon
Janet's Magic
Jan's Twister
Japanese Royal
Jason Salter
Javanese Jewel
Jaws Of Life
Jay Farquhar
Jay Turman
Jean Swann
Jean Wooten
Jennifer Trimmer
Jenny Butterfield
Jenny Gies
Jenny Kissed Me
Jerry Nettles
Jerry Pate Williams
Jessica Lillian
Jewel In A Crown
Jimmy Boyd
Jim's Song
Jitterbug Jesse
Joan Jackson
Joan Senior
Jock Randall
John Kirkland
John Pelham
Johnny Bear
Johnny Cash
Jolly Lad
Jolly Red Giant
Jolyene Nichole
Joy And Laughter
Joyful Occasion
Joyful Walk
Joyous Moments
Ju Piter's Fortune
Judy Farquhar
Julia Pritchard
Julian Cohen
Julianna Lynn
Julia's Choice
Julie Newmar
Jumble Edge
Jump Start
Jumping Jack Flash
June Carter
June Hudson
June Kummer
Jungle Butterfly
Jungle Eyes
Jungle Jack Joiner
Jungle Mask
Jungle Palace
Jungle Princess
Jupiter's Fortune
Jurassic Fiesta
Jurassic Pink
Just A Wish
Just As I Am
Just For Laughs
Just Kiss Me
Just Like Candy
Just Whistle
Kaanapali Coast
Kabuki Ballet
Kaleidoscope Jungle Cat
Kaleidoscopic Intrigue
Kaleidoscopic Vortex
Kate Carpenter
Kay Day
Kea Lihi
Keeping Up With The Joneses
Kelly's Girl
Ken Deaver
Kensington Manor
Kent’s Favorite
Kent’s Favorite Two
Kevin Michael Coyne
Kevin Walek
Key Lime Ice
Key To My Heart
Key to Treasures
Keys To The Kingdom
Kimberly Wolf
Kindling the Flame
Kindly Light Curls
King Boreas
King Solomon's Treasure
Kingdom Border
King Solomon's Treasure
King's Cloak
King's Cotillion
King's Favor
Kiss of Paradise
Kiss Of Peace
Kisses For Cinderella
Knights In Velvet
Kokopelli's Luck
Kwanza Gold
La Belle Dame
La Rouge de Shefford
La Stravaganza
Lace And Promises
Lace Cookies
Lacy All Over
Lacy Border
Lacy Doily
Lacy Dream
Lacy Dusk
Lacy Marionette
Lady Emily
Lady Limelight
Lady Mischief
Lady Neva
Lady Wu
Ladybug Free Bird
Ladybug Lancelot
Lake Effect
Lamplighter's Circle
Land Of Our Fathers
Larkspur Blues
Larry Allen Miller
Larry's Home
Last Flight Out
Last Lama
Last Picture Show
Last Snowflake
Laughing Clown
Laughing Falcon
Laughing Skies
Laura E. Davis
Laura Mast
Lavender Arrowhead
Lavender Cascades
Lavender Corn Snake
Lavender Cream Cascades
Lavender Devine
Lavender Dew
Lavender Echoes
Lavender Eyed Picotee
Lavender Frost
Lavender Kingdom
Lavender Memories
Lavender Moonbeam
Lavender Romance
Lavender Silence
Lavender Tempest
Lavender Tomorrow
Lavender Tonic
Layers Of Gold
Lazuli Bunting
Leanne Bilsborough
Learning To Fly
Ledgewood's Calico Blues
Ledgewood’s Tony Likes It
Lee Bea Orange Crush
Lee Gates
Leeba Orange Crush
Lee's Loss
Legacy Of Life
Legacy Remembered
Legend of Fortune
Legendary Romance
Lemon Go Lightly
Lemon Lime Twister
Lemon Lip Smacker
Lemonberry Truffle
Leonard Bernstein
Leroy’s Neighbor
Leslie Renee
Let It Rip
Let Loose
Let Love Rejoice
Let the Glory Fall
Levi Davis
Lexington Avenue
Licia Albanese
Licia Babb
Licorice Candy
Life Is A Highway
Life On Pern
Life Unlimited
Lifting Me Higher
Light Forbes
Lightning Red Ruffles
Lightning Strike
Lilac Lady
Lillian’s Banging Mangos
Lillian’s David Phillips
Lillian's Frilly Filly
Lillian’s Lying Eyes
Lillian’s Lying Time Again
Lillian's Mud Bug Stew
Lillian's Tough Luck
Lime Peel
Limonero Squeeze
Lin Wright
Linda Agin
Linda Bell
Linda Daniel
Lines Of Splendor
Lion King
Lion Of Judah
Lips Of Fire
Lipstick Traces
Little Angel's Breath
Little Anna Rosa
Little Baby Mine
Little Big Ears
Little Big Man
Little Bloom Rider
Little Cameo
Little Deeke
Little Gold Nugget
Little Infant
Little Menehune
Little Pink Fluff
Little Pink Slippers
Little Romance
Little Showoff
Little Strawberry Shortcake
Little Suzie
Little Taste Of Heaven
Little Voices Tell Me
Living Legend
Lois Burns
Lois Hall
Lollipop Kid
Lone Star Longhorn
Lone Star Sweetheart
Lonesome Heart
Long Stocking
Longlesson Flattery
Lord Clayton
Lord Of Rings
Lord of the Riches
Lori Goldston
Lotus Position
Loud And Lovely
Louder Still
Louder Than Thunder
Louisiana Jones
Love After Dark
Love for Jesus
Love In Paris
Love Is Deep
Love Of My Eyes
Love So Amazing
Love Spills Over
Love Will Find A Way
Lovely Ladybug
Luau Meow
Lucifer's Revenge
Lucille’s Gold
Luck O' the Irish
Lucky Dragon
Lullaby Baby
Luminous Intentions
Lunar Max
Lunar Sea
Lusty Laura St. Onge
Lusty Leland
Mabeline Eyes
Mac The Knife
Mackenzie's Magic
Madison Marie
Madisson Holley
Madly Red
Madness To See
Madonna Arenault
Mae Graham
Mage Quest
Magenta Magic
Majestic Prime
Magic Carpet Ride
Magic Lake
Magical Marrakech
Magical Mystery
Magical Mystery Show
Magnificent Grape
Magnificent Hummingbird
Maharani Of The Marimba
Maid Of The Meadows
Maison Carree
Majestic Fortune
Majestic Prime
Make Your Point
Making Double Time
Malaysian Spice
Man Points
Mango Moon
Mango Smoothie
Mango Tango
Manhattan Serenade
Mapping Alabama
Marble Faun
Margaret Kane
Margaret Tucker
Margaret’s Choice
Margin Of Difference
Maria Callas
Marietta Dreamer
Marietta Momento
Marietta Star Dancer
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Siwik
Marina Del Rey
Mariner's Cove
Mark Alan Carpenter
Mark Allen Perry
Marked By Lydia
Mark's Choice
Marla Corts
Married To Mr. Grinch
Marse Connell
Marseilles Watercolor
Martin Blondeel
Marvelous Light
Mary Gould
Mary Hubbell
Mary Kirk
Mary Lightfine
Mary Lois Burgess
Mary Todd
Maryland Mayhem
Marylin Siwik
Mask Ball
Mask Of Eternity
Mason Kittell
Matthew Weldon
Max Factor
May May
May Unger
Mayan Poppy
Mayan's Dawn
Mayfair Morning
Maylaysian Monarch
Mazie Farr
Meadow Sprite
Meadow Sweet
Mean Joe Green
Meant To Be
Medici Palace
Mediterranean Mood
Memories Of Paris
Memories Remain
Men And Angels
Mercury of Gascone
Merle Kent Memorial
Merlot Rouge
Merry Witch
Mesa Verde
Metallic Butterfly
Mexicali Blues
Mexican Fiesta
Mia Bella Of Gascone
Michael Burmudez
Michael Miller
Michigan Nikki
Micro Chip
Midnight Amulet
Midnight Angel
Midnight at Tiffany's
Midnight Castle
Midnight Dynamite
Midnight Magic
Midnight Raider
Midnight Rendezvous
Mighty Hercules
Mike Longo
Milanese Mango
Mildred Anne
Mildred Brooker
Mildred Mitchell
Millicent Bystander
Millie Schlumpf
Ming Porcelain
Ming Toy
Mini Pearl
Minstrel's Daughter
Mint Octopus
Mississippi Blues
Mississippi Earl Watts
Mississippi Red Dragon
Missouri Memories
Mister Lucky
Mitterrand Mood
Mocha To Go
Mohican Summer
Mojave Sunset
Molino Limelight
Molino Pink Loveliness
Molino Rancho Rose
Molly Marie
Moments Rich In Blessings
Mona Of Gascone
Monet's Garden
Monica Marie
Monica Mead
Monkey Business
Monkey Face
Monrovia Gem
Montez Fausett
Moon Over Mars
Moonlight Becomes You
Moonlight Mist
Moon's Reflections
Moose Man
Mormon Lemon Tart
Morning Breaks Eternal
Morning Cheerfulness
Morning Colors
Moroccan Madness
Mort's Masterpiece
Moscow Spring
Most Beautiful Girl
Mother Of Many
Mount Fuji
Mount Herman Majesty
Mount Herman Marvel
Mount Herman Masquerade
Mount Herman Sonata
Mount Herman Treasure
Mount Violet
Mountain Top Experience
Mountain Violet
Mountains Bow Down
Moving Forward
Moving Pictures
Mrs. John Cooper
Ms Mary's Pick
Mulberry Street
Mulberry Truffle
Mutton Jade
My Belle
My Darling Clementine
My Friend Phil
My Friend Wayne
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
My Mama Thinks I'm A Star
Mysterious Eyes
Mystery Lover
Mystic Image
Mystic Mariner
Naboth’s Vineyard
Nancy Ann Kinnett
Naomi Hope
Nashville Ballet
Natalie Antoinette
Nature's Way
Nature's Wings of Morning
Nebuchadnezzar's Furnace
Nectar of the Gods
Nell Keown
Neon Embers
Neon Pink
Neptune's Crown
Never Say Goodbye
New Beginning
New Day Sunshine
New Direction
New Hampshire Heaven
New Journey
New Snow
Nicky Baby
Nicole Ashley Scott
Niece Beverly
Night Beacon
Night Passions
Night Stalker
Night Wings
Nile Crane
Nile Jewel
Nile Plum
Ninja Throwing Star
Nite Air
Nivia Guest
None Like You
Norwood Carter
Not Of This World
Nutmeg Elf
Nutmeg Spice
Oakes Love
Occidental Red
Ocean Child
Ocean Ice
Ocean Rainbow
Octopus Hugs
Octopus Tangles
Off the Deep End
Ohio Discovery
Oliver Billingslea
Olivier Monette
Olly Olly Oxen Free
Omaha Sunshine
On Looks Alone
On Silken Thread
On The Fringe
On To Something
Once In A Blue Moon
Once upon a Dream
One Day At A Time
One Fine Day
One Hot Mama
Open Hearted
Open My Eyes
Optical Art
Optical Delight
Orange Blossom Trail
Orange Cherry Jubilee
Orange City
Orange Dream
Orange Electric
Orange Grove
Orchid Waterfall
Ornamental Focus
Ouachita Beauty
Out Of The Blue
Out of This World
Outrageous Fortune
Over Heated
Over The Line
Over The Mountain
Over The Top
Oversized Load
Owl Eyes
Pacific Moon
Pacific Pearl
Pagan Ritual
Paint The Town Red
Painted Bunting
Painted Expressions
Painted Lady
Painting The Roses Red
Palace Garden Beauty
Pamela Williams
Panama City
Panama Hattie
Pandora's Box
Pandora's Treasure
Pansy Yellow
Panther Eyes
Papa’s Pride
Pappy's Girl
Paprika Flame
Paradise City
Paranoid Lovesick
Pardon Me
Parting the Red Sea
Party Popper
Passion And Pride
Passion District
Pat Thornton
Patchwork Puzzle
Patchwork Quilt
Pathway To Paradise
Patricia Snider Memorial
Patsy Bickers
Patsy Carpenter
Patterns Aplenty
Paul Aucoin
Paul Edward
Paul Sain's Prize
Paul York
Paula Nettles
Paulette Miller
Peach Horizon
Peach Jubilee
Peacock Candy
Peacock Maiden
Pearl Harbor
Peacock Maiden
Peacock's Palette
Pearl Harbor
Pearlfisher Pink
Peasant King
Pele’s Fire
Pencil Thin Moustache
Peppermint Cream Swirl
Peppermint Delight
Peppermint Somersault
Peppermint Truffle
Perpetual Motion
Persian Art
Persian Market
Persian Pixie
Persistent Memories
Petticoat Frills
Phantom Duck
Pharaoh's Daughter
Pharaoh's Treasure
Phoenician Amber
Phoenix Flying
Piano Man
Picadilly Princess
Picasso's Intrigue
Picotee Rippled Ruffles
Picture In Picture
Pikes's Peak
Pince Nez
Pineapple Blast
Pinewood Only Imagine
Pink Ambrosia
Pink Cavalcade
Pink Chapeau
Pink Charmer
Pink Corsage
Pink Cupid Of Gascone
Pink Duality
Pink Embroidery
Pink Freeze
Pink Keepsake
Pink Pajamas
Pink Shockwave
Pink Souflee
Pink Waikiki
Piper Mitchell
Piping Rock
Piranha Smiles
Pirate’s Prism
Pirate's Patch
Pistachio Eyes
Pixie Paint Brush
Pixie Pinwheel Party
Platinum Angel
Play Misty For Me
Pleated Perfection
Plum Candy
Pocketful Of Patterns
Point Of Honor
Pointsettia Love
Polly Parrot
Pop Tart
Popsey Bill
Possum In A Sack
Potion For Passion
Powder Puff Truffle
Power Lipstick
Praire Bonanza
Prairie Copper Classic
Prairie Moonlight
Prairie Rain
Precious Candy
Pretzel Power
Prickled Petals
Prickles And Pins
Prince Michael
Princess Diana
Princess Ellen
Princess Marmalade
Princess Of Wales
Priscilla's Rainbow
Proud Princess
Pumpkin Flame
Pumpkin Kid
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Pumpkin Prince
Punch and Judy
Punxsutawney Phil
Pure Indulgence
Purple Badger
Purple Cheer
Purple Eyed Magic
Purple Grasshopper
Purple Maze
Purple People Eater
Purple Phantom
Purple Rogue
Purple Romance
Purple Screamer
Purple Serenity
Purple Umbrella
Purseus Sandals
Pursuit Of Pleasure
Quality Of Mercy
Quartz Mountain
Quartz Rainbow
Queen’s Circle
Queen's Cape
Quiet Reflections
Quiver And Quake
Quote The Raven
Rachael My Love
Rachelle Agin
Rachel's Eyelashes
Radiant Ruby Jewel
Radio Rider
Radioactive Curls
Raggedy Andy
Raging Bull
Rags To Riches
Rainbow Italian Ice
Rainbow Spangles
Raise the Standard
Randall Lanier Barron
Ransom Note
Rapid Eye Movement
Rare Gift
Raspberries In Cream
Raspberry Banana Cheesecake
Raspberry Beret
Raspberry Mountain
Raspberry Lustre
Raspberry Pixie
Raspberry Prism
Raven's Nest
Raven's Song
Razzle Dazzle Candy
Reason For Treason
Reba My Love
Rebecca's Smile
Red Bull
Red Coral
Red Eye Gravy
Red Eyed Dynamite
Red Eyed Fantasy
Red Eyed Jack
Red Eyed Shocker
Red Fang
Red Friday
Red Frills
Red Line Fever
Red Ribbons
Red Shadows
Red Thrill
Red Wine Romance
Red's Place
Redtailed Fox
Reedy Creek Magic
Reedy Creek Weird Oh
Reese Ishee
Reflections In Time
Regal Vision
Reine De Violettes
Remembering Joan
Renaissance Fair
Renegade Lady
Restores My Soul
Rex's Basso Profoundo
Rhine Maiden
Rhodesian Red
Rhodolite Prism
Rhubarb Pie
Ribbit Ribbit
Ribbon Of Darkness
Ribbons and Things
Ric And Tee
Rich Girls
Riches Revealed
Rick's Cherry Cheesecake
Right On Red
Ring Of Honor
Rings of Triton
Rio Fiesta
Rio Rosado
Roaring Rapids
Robert Searles
Robin Lee
Robot Blues
Rocky Mountain Twilight
Rodeo Clown
Rollercoaster Rush
Rolling Raven
Romeo Is Bleeding
Romeo Prince
Ron Eller Memorial
Ron's Curls
Root Beer Truffle
Rose Fever
Rose Fireglow
Rose Frilly Dilly
Rose Heat
Rose Joy
Rose Knockout
Rose Petticoat
Rose Poetry
Rose Quasar
Roseate Spoonbill
Roseate Stained Glass
Rosella Sheridan
Roses And Gold
Rosie Isak
Rosie Meyer
Rosy Scenario
Rouge And Lace
Rough And Tough
Round Midnight
Round Riches
Rowdy Red
Royal Celebration
Royal Elk
Royal Eventide
Royal Extravaganza
Royal Heiress
Royal Rage
Royal Refinement
Royal Saracen
Royal Scandal
Royal Sceptre
Ruby Border
Ruby Fire
Ruby Ridge
Ruby Supreme
Rue de Lape
Rue Madelaine
Ruffian's Apprentice
Ruffled Dude
Ruffled Lemon Lace
Ruffled Masterwork
Ruffled Original
Ruffled Pinafore
Ruffled Pink Perfection
Running Hot
Rushing Delight
Russian Easter
Ruth’s Dream
Sacred Ibis
Sadie Lou
Sahara Sand Storm
Salmon Sheen
Sam Sunderland
Samuel Bell
San Antonio Firecracker
San Antonio Thunderstorm
San Juan Sunset
San Luis Halloween
San Luis Vogue
Sandra Elizabeth
Sandra Hudson
Sanford Code Red
Sanford Double Doozie
Sanford Double Violet
Sanford Elegance
Sanibel Shell
Santa's Little Helper
Sapphire Skies
Sassy Sam
Satan’s Curls
Satan’s Fire
Saucy Vixen
Sausalito Dawn
Savannah Banana Split
Savannah Duchess
Savannah Fire Chief
Savannah Sweetheart
Save The Children
Say Can You See
Scarlet Affair
Scarlet Armor
Scarlet Lace
Scarlet Orbit
Scarlett Sensation
Science Of Mind
Scott Perry
Screen Pattern
Screensaver Truffle
Scrump Delicious
Sea Goddess
Sea Urchin
Sea Warrior
Seal the Deal
Seaside Sunrise
Sebastian The Crab
Secret Splendor
See His Glory
Seize The Night
Self Expression
Seminole Ruby
Sense Of Wonder
Sent From Heaven
Serenity Bay
Set My Soul Afire
Seventeen Seventy Six
Seventh Sojourn
Seychelle Sands
Shades Of Beauty
Shades Of Havana
Shake The Mountains
Shamrock Dew
Share Me
Shark Bite
Sharon Voye
Sherry Candy
Sherry Lane Carr
She's The One
Shibui Splendor
Signature Truffle
Shining Rose Beacon
Shining Spark
Shipwreck Cove
Shirley Temple Curls
Shore Leave
Shower Of Blessings
Siamese Royalty
Sight Delight
Signature Truffle
Silent Canary
Silk Mystique
Silk Therapy
Silken Promise
Silky Twilight
Silver Drops
Silver Lightning
Silver Potentate
Silver Rings
Silver Run
Silver Skies
Silver Spoon
Silver Sword
Simply Glorious
Sir Blackstem
Sir Francis Drake
Sister Mildred
Slender Lady
Small World Blueberry Pie
Small World Bull's Eye
Small World Peek-A-Boo
Small World You Talking To Me
Smiling Ladies
Smokey Eyes
Snow Crane
Snow Crystal
Snowed In
Snowy Peacock
So Excited
So Many Stars
Social Charmer
Soft Summer Breeze
Solar Max
Solomon’s Robes
Some Like It Hot
Some Sweet Day
Something Bold
Something To Declare
Song And Dance
Song Of The Redeemed
Song Triumphant
Song Writer
Southern Coral
Southern Sunset
Southern Wind
Space Warp
Spacecoast Behavior Pattern
Spacecoast Blastoff
Spacecoast, Bold Buccaneer
Spacecoast Citrus Kick
Spacecoast Cranberry Breeze
Spacecoast Fancy Dancer
Spacecoast Fantastic Finish
Spacecoast Francis Busby
Spacecoast Gilded Robe
Spacecoast Hot Topic
Spacecoast Jimbo Saddler
Spacecoast Mulberry Motif
Spacecoast Passion Released
Spacecoast Pattern Plus
Spacecoast Perfect Angel
Spacecoast Rebel Yell
Spacecoast Royal Ransom
Spacecoast Royalty
Spacecoast Ruffles
Spacecoast Sea Shells
Spacecoast Sharp Tooth
Spacecoast Snow Angel
Spacecoast Sonata
Spacecoast Starburst
Spacecoast Sunkist Splendor
Spacecoast Sweet Eye
Spacecoast Tiny Perfection
Space Warp
Spanish Fiesta
Spanish Harlem
Spanish Masquerade
Spanish Sketch
Sparks Angel In Waiting
Sparks Bat Wings
Sparticus Adorned
Special Agenda
Special Candy
Special Ovation
Spectral Elegance
Spice Hunter
Spider Spirits
Spider Web
Spin And Twirl
Spirit Folk
Spirit Ring
Splendid Touch
Splendor Of The King
Spray Of Pearls
Spring Of Living Water
Sprinkled With Paprika
Square Dancer's Curtsy
Squirrely Shirley
St. Croix
Stained Glass Imagery
Star Asterisk
Star Of India
Star Wishes
Starched White
Starfish Moon
Stark Raving Red
Starry Starry Night
Staying Alive
Sterling Tribute
Stone Beacon
Storm Of The Century
Storm Over Toledo
Storm Shadows
Storm Surf
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Lightening
Street Urchin
String Bikini
String Theory
Study In Scarlet
Suburban Wrennetta
Sudan Night
Suddenly Blue
Sue Booth
Sugar Cookie
Sugar Pop
Sultry Siren
Summer Masque
Summer Reflections
Summertime Splendor
Sun’s Eue
Sunglasses Needed
Sungold Candy
Sunny Perfection
Sunrise Glow
Sunset Angel
Sunset Strip
Sunset Strut
Sunshine All Day
Sunshine Amber
Sunshine Gold
Super Double Delight
Super Fancy Face
Supersonic Prize
Supreme Team
Surprises Inside
Surprising Pink
Surround Sound
Swanking Around
Sweet Almond Mint
Sweet Love Of Heaven
Sweet Sensation
Sweet Stuff
Sweet Summer Heat
Sweet Country Luvin'
Sweet Thoughts
Swizzle Stick
Sybil's Blues
Sycamore Fruit Punch
Symphony Of Praise
Tahitian Shores
Tahitian Sorbet
Tahoe Snow Blizzard
Taj Mahal
Tal Of Gascone
Tall Drink Of Water
Tall Surprise
Tammy Faye Eyes
Tangerine Horses
Tangerine Parfait
Tangible Distinction
Tangled Up In Blue
Tango Lessons
Tar And Feather
Tart and Trendy
Tay Tay's Papa
Teacup Fingers
Teahouse Geisha
Tears For Gus
Temple Goddess
Temple Of Dawn
Temptation Eyes
Tennessee Flycatcher
Tennessee Treasure
Tennessee Twister
Tennis Bracelet
Tequila Mockingbird
Terracotta Baby
Terry Lyninger
Tessa Ann
Tetra Crystal Blue Persuasion
Tetra Grace Pierce
Tetra Midnight Dynamite
Tetra Rainbow Spangles
Texas Blue Eyes
Texas Choice
Texas Kaleidoscope
Texas Moon Magic
That Thing You Do
The Bachelorette
The Band Played On
The Big Picture
The Butler Did It
The Dark Side
The Heathen Rage
The Hulk
The King Is Coming
The Terminator
The Ultimate Sacrifice
There Goes My Baby
Thin Man
Thistle Pink Truffle
Thomas Tew
Three Angry Birds
Three Way Stop
Through The Fire
Thunder And Blazes
Thunder And Lightening
Thundering Ovation
Thunderstorm Cloud
Thy True Love
Tic Tac Toe
Tickle My Fancy
Tie Dye Illusion
Tie Dyed Moon
Tierra Del Fuego
Tijuana Taxi
Time Lord
Time To Fly
Timeless Fire
Tiny Trickster
Tiny Trumpeter
Tipped In Rouge
Tipsy Butler
To God Be The Glory
Toltec Sundial
Tomatoes Sanford
Tonia Gay
Toothy Grin
Top Honors
Topguns Barbara Hampton
Topguns Bo Hester
Topguns Carol Scott
Topguns Copper Butterflies
Topguns Double Lace
Topguns Fireball
Topguns Madelyn Grace
Topguns Okie Twister
Topguns Power Broker
Torrid Tango
Totally Awesome
Touch The Future
Touched By Grace
Touching Me
Transcendent Love
Treasure Map
Treasure Truffle
Très Chic
Triangular Tricksy
Trim Work
Triple Ripple
Tristan's Treat
Trixie LaTour
Tropical Disturbance
Tropical Experience
Tropical Heat Wave
Tropical Hot Flash
Tropical Reflection
Tropical Sensation
Tropical Trails
Trudy Harris
True Pink Beauty
Truffle A La Mode
Truffle Nirvana
Truffle Panache
Truffle Smile
Tumbled Glass
Tuolumne Fairy Tale
Turn Up The Volume
Tuscan Summer
Tuscawilla Blackout
Tuscawilla Dave Talbott
Tuscawilla Tigress
Tutti Fruiti Truffle
Tutu Truffle
Twenty Twenty
Twilight Swan
Twin Crown
Twist and Spin
Twisted Mint Julip
Two Part Harmony
Ultimate Destiny
Ultraviolet Mood
Unending Melody
Unlock Your Dreams
Untamed Glory
Untamed Splendor
Val D’isere
Vanilla Lace
Vanilla Sorbet
Veiled Promise
Veins Of Truth
Velvet Butterfly
Velvet Champion
Velvet Ice
Velvet Manners
Velvet Onyx
Velvet Ribbons
Venetian Baroque
Venetian Ruffles
Venus Flytrap
Verdant Spring
Vermilion Clouds
Very Berry Ice
Victorian Days
Victorian Elegance
Victorian Gentleman
Victorian Gown
Victorian Lace
Victorian Ribbons
Viking Star
Vino Brillante
Vino Di Notte
Vino Di Travis
Vintage Bordeaux
Vintage Liz
Vintage San Luis
Vintage Wine
Violet Becomes You
Violet Blue Fascination
Violet Etching
Violet Prelude
Violet Saberwing
Violet Stained Glass
Violet Sunrise
Violet Victory
Viper Pit
Virgil Earp
Virginia Little Henson
Virginia Peck
Vivacious Spirit
Vive La Femme
Vivian Glass
Vivid Butterfly
Vivid Imagination
Voila Francois
Volcanic Explosion
Volusian Pirate
Volusian Spider
Voracious Vixen
Waffle Wings
Wait Until Dark
Waiting For Peace
Waiting In The Wings
Walking In Beauty
Walking On Sunshine
Walter Kennedy
Warrior Princess
Washed Watercolor
Water Dragon
Water Drops
Watermelon Martini
Watermelon Red
Watermelon Slice
Wave Effect
Waves Of Joy
Waxed Mint
Waxen Splendor
Waxen Wonder
Way Cool
Way Over Yonder
Wayne Johnson
Web Of Illusion
Web Of Intrigue
Wendy Mosley
We're Jammin'
Westcoast Blues
Whale Tails
Whammer Jammer
When Royals Dream
When Stars Align
Which Way
Which Way Out
Whip City Carnie
Whip City Fancy Free
Whip City Show Stopper
Whip City Squiglie
White Base
White Doubloon
White Horses
White Ibis
White Knuckle Ride
White Leather
White Mountain
White Noise
White Temptation
White Wolf
Who Do Voodoo
Wicked Messenger
Wide Eyed Wanderer
Wild About Sherry
Wild And Free
Wild And Wonderful
Wild Cherry Round Up
Wild Horses
Wild Irish
Wild Wookie
Wildest Dreams
Wildfire Tango
Will Return
Willa Jean
William Milo Spalding
Willie Markus
Wimberly Way Heavenly Blush
Wind Frills
Wind Storm
Wind Up Toy
Window Dressing
Windsor Watermark
Windy Pink
Wine Star
Winged Waterfall
Wings Of Chance
Wings On High
Winsome Lady
Winston Churchill
Winter Rainbow
Winter's Crown
Wiregrass Greenstar
Wisest Of Wizards
Wish Fulfillment
Wispy Rays
Wistful Moment
With All My Heart
With This Ring
Within the Veil
Wonder Of It All
Wonders Never Cease
Woodside Festival
Word Of Honor
Words Of Love
World Premiere
Worth It All
Worthy Creation
Wounded Heart
Wrapped In Gold
Wyatt Earp
Xylophone Jazz
Yabba Dabba Doo
Yazoo Double Butterscotch
Yellow Baby
Yellow Kitten
Yellow Pygmy
Yellow Twain
Yesterday Memories
Yesterday Today And Tomorrow
Yo Big Mouth
You Are Peace
Zepher John
Zephyr’s Song
Zest Of Orange Truffle

Evergreen Daylilies Growing in Our Zone 5 Gardens

(Last updated 5/1/17)

Answering Angels
Bali Watercolor
Better By Design
Buddys Betsy
Buddys Shaun
Calico Jack
Collard Dream
Cosmic Kaleidoscope
Destined to See
Dragon King
Entwined in the Vine
Feathered Prism
Flying Blue Dragon
Free Wheelin'
Get Jiggy (Listed as dormant on the Lily Auction site and the JT Daylilies site)
Ginger Swallowtail
Indian Sky
Iowa Greenery
Jane Trimmer
Janes Prism
Jumble Edge
Jungle Queen
Key to My Heart
Lauras Choice
Lillians Banging Mangos
Moose Man
Pagan Ritual
Patricia Snider Memorial
Pirates Prism
Persian Market
Pikes Peak
Poly Parrot
Power Lipstick
Purple Maze
Raspberry Prism
Rhodolite Prism
Sir Francis Drake
Spacecoast Multilevel Deal
Spacecoast Sea Shells
Star of India
Starburst Fantasy
Storm of the Century
Terry Lyninger
Texas Carnival Dance
Texas Kaleidoscope
Thin Man
Tie-dye Illusion
Trim Work
Tumbled Glass
Way Over Yonder
Wild Horses

N.B. It is always best to ask the grower whether an evergreen cultivar has been field grown or greenhouse grown. If greenhouse grown, it may not be hardy.

A Sampling of Cultivars From the Main List Above

Want to know more about daylilies? The American Hemerocallis Society has the answers. A good place to start is here: http://www.daylilies.org/AHSFAQsNew.html

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