Daylily Names

Dec 30, 2014

What’s in a name? Plenty, as far as daylily names are concerned. With over 70,000 daylily cultivars out there and hundreds of new ones being registered each year, hybridizers often resort to unusual names in order to gain attention. There is a lot of wordplay, references to popular titles from various genres, references to food and drink, use of famous names, downright wacky concoctions, and even names that skirt the edges of propriety (depending on what you consider inappropriate). Below is a sampling of these devices, calculated to gain your attention.

Titles of Books, Plays, Movies, TV Shows, and Songs

[An] Affair to Remember
[I’m] Forever Blowing Bubbles
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Alice in Wonderland
All About Eve
All Things to All Men
America's Most Wanted
Angels in America
Apocalypse Now
Babes in Toyland
Blazing Saddles
Blessed Assurance
Bobbing for Poodles
Born to Be Wild
Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch
Bumble Bee Boogie
Butterfield Eight
Buzz Saw Boogie
Casey at the Bat
Comedy of Errors
Cool Hand Luke
Crimson and Clover
Crystal Blue Persuasion
Dance Ballerina Dance
Divine Comedy
Doctor Who
Eyes Wide Shut
Flash Forward
Forever Blowing Bubbles
Great Gatsby
Hill Street Blues
Hit the Road Jack
Interview With a [the] Vampire
It Started With a Whisper
Jail House Rock
Killer Instinct
La Dolce Vita
Last Man Standing
Last Picture Show
Legally Blond
Lion King
Lonesome Dove
Love and Marriage
Love Will Find a Way
Mac the Knife
Magical Mystery Show
Meet Joe Black
Men in Black
Moonlight Becomes You
Paint Your Wagon
Play Misty for Me
Pride and Prejudice
Proud Mary
Puff the Magic Dragon
Purple Rain
Putting On the Ritz
Rhapsody in Blue
Rhapsody in Blue
Rocky Horror [Picture Show]
Russian Rhapsody
See Me Feel Me Touch Me
Some Like It Hot
Spacecoast Easy Rider
Sparks Good Vibrations
Stardust Memories
Staying Alive
Stranger in a Strange Land
Strawberry Fields Forever
Thank Your Lucky Stars
That Thing You Do
The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao
Through a Glass Darkly
Tijuana Taxi
Wait Until Dark


A Babbling Baboon's Bouncing Babies
A Crimson Roar
A Fish Without a Bicycle
A Moose Fishing on a Pond on Monday
Alien Skin
Armadillo Pipeline
Bam Bam Wow
Banana Boogiebait
Biting Pumpkins
Bobbing for Poodles
Boneless Chicken Ranch
Boogie My Woogie Baby
Bullfrog Smooch
Carolina Flying Poly Possum
Chicks With Swords
Coburg Fright Wig
Crash Bang Wallop
Deep Dark Duck
Desert Icicle
Duck Pond Sunlight
Dusty Splash
Eggs Ain’t Poultry
Electric Marmalade Magic
Emotional Butter
Fattening Frogs For Snakes
Get Off My Tutu
God’s Gift to Warthogs
Grapefruit Guts
Grits Ain’t Groceries
Guarding Gnomes
Gutsy Grape
Hazmatter's Ball
I Am Not a Mutant
I Have Issues
I’m a King Bee
Its Raining Men
Ladybug Lancelot
Lillian’s Banging Mangos
Lillian's Mud Bug Stew
Mascara Snake
Mint Octopus
Moosa Pa Loosa
Moosie My Love
Mystic Jellyfish
Nacho Inferno
Naked X-Ray Technician
Nekkid Woman Frying Bacon
Not Named After My Wife Linda
Orange Pushup
Pancake Platypus
Pickle Me Pink
Possum in a D-Cup
Quench My Thirst With Gasoline
Raspberry Goosebumps
Scapes From Hell
Simmering Elephants
Sitting On a Cornflake
Slap Your Grandma
Sonic Duck
The Flower Formerly Known As Griff
The Moose Camped in a Tent on Tuesday
Three See Pea Oh
Two Cats Shy of a Full Load
Vampire Fish
Waxed Mint
When Clowns Go Bad
Wild Raspberry Fool
Wiregrass Greenstar


A Whim Away
Bella Dancer
Burnt to a Crispate
Caribbean Eye Spy
Charmed and Dangerous
Circular Circles
Colossus of Toads
Coral Majority
Curly Twirly Shirley
Dancy Nancy
Dentist the Menace
Ever So Tweet
Eye Scream Sunday
Feeling Thorny
Sparks Forever in Blue Genes
Frilled to Death
G. Willikers
Grape to Meet You
Green Legs and Spam
Grub Steak
Hey Bud
Hymn to Her
Jeepers Keepers
Jolly Red Giant
Lapis of Luxury
Lavender Laughter
Mango Tango
Mermaid Parade
Millicent Bystander
Multiple Multiplications
Now And Zen
Out Of Sane
Parrots Hilton
Pea Green With Envy
Pop Goes the World
Poultry in Motion
Ruffles Have Ripples
Scrump Delicious
Sculptured Sculpture
Sir Prize
Sinister Minister
Squirrelly Shirley
Stark Raving Red
Steeple Jackie
Swing Fever
Tempest Tea Cup
The Fringe Connection
The Ghosts of Boyfriends Past
Three Bad Pigs
Twice in a Blue Moon
Utterly Udderly
Viagra Falls
Voila Francois
Weapons of Mass Distraction
Who Do Voodoo
You and Eye
You Glow Girl

Famous People

Princess Diana
Rose F. Kennedy
Alice B. Du Pont
Barbara Mandrell
Buffalo Bill
Mean Joe Green
Material Girl
Caesar Augustus
Hank Williams
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Kitty Wells
One Eyed Willie
President Ronald Reagan
Red Velvet Elvis
Richard Taylor
Ruth Gordon
Patsy Cline
Amy Winehouse
Saint Fiacre
Earl of Warwick
Francis of Assisi
Gypsy Rose Lee
Leonard Bernstein
Mae West
Wyatt Earp
Ava Gardner
George Washington
Ian Fleming
Marilyn Monroe
Johnny Cash
Duke Ellington
Gertrude Stein
James Joyce
Barry Goldwater
Uri Geller
Bette Davis Eyes
Maria Callas
Sparticus Adorned
John and Yoko
Francis of Assisi
King Solomon's Treasure
James Dean
Mata Hari

Food and Drink

Apricot Beauty
Banana Breeze
Berry Banana Cupcake
Big Banana
Blackberry Dragon
Blue Martini
Blueberry Breakfast
Cabbage Butterfly
Carrot Cake
Cherry Candy
Chilled Orange Sorbet
Citrus Juices
Coffee House
Cookie Caper
Eenie Meenie Jellybeany
Forsyth Lemon Drop
Frank's Hot Tamale
Heavenly Ginger Snap
Honey Glazed
Ice Cream Emperor
Jalapeno Crunch
Jelly Maker
Jen Melon
Ledgewood Sunday Dessert
Lemon Lipsmacker
Mixed Berry Jam
Munchy Crunchy
Napa Valley Merlot
Orange Cherry Jubilee
Peppermint Delight
Pepperoni Man
Pineapple Bites
Pineapple Blast
Pistachio Eyes
Pizza Pie
Plum Perfect
Precious Candy
Pumpkin Park
Raspberries In Cream
Raspberry Butterflies
Raspberry Delicious
Raspberry Soufflé
Red Wine Romance
Spiced Custard
Strawberry Christmas
Sugar High
Truffle a La Mode
Twist Of Lemon
Wild Strawberry

Skirting the Edges of Propriety

Arrogant Bastard
Big Honking Brazen Hussy
Big Honking Flaming Floozy
Crotchless Panties
Don't Touch Me There
Little Mother Rucker
Long Legged Lap Dancer
Lust Without You
Nekkid Woman Doing a Jiggy Dance
Nekkid Woman Frying Bacon
Nekkid Woman on a Tractor
Not Tonight Dear
Occupy her Panties
Panties in a Knot
Pussy Galore
Shagging On the Boulevard
Slap Your Grandma

Other popular name choices include place names; biblical references; and names of family, friends, and hybridizers.

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