Daylilies That Rebloom in Zone 5

Dec 20, 2014

(Last updated: December 2015)
Rebloom is quite common in many cultivars grown in warm regions of the U.S. Rebloom in northern regions is much less common, but that's changing, thanks to hybridizers who value this trait. Following is a list of rebloomers hardy in zone 5, many perhaps in zone 4 as well, as reported by growers and hybridizers.

Achieving Dreams
Airy Delight
All Aboard For Columbus
All Things to All Men
Alpha and Omega
Answered Prayer
Armed for Battle
As You Wish
Audience of One
Awakening Spirit
Baffin Bay Beauty
Banana Pepper Spider
Bangkok Red
Banner of Love
Battle of Jericho
Be Fruitful and Multiply
Bella Sera
Beside Still Waters
Bill Norris
Bill Tonn
Black Eye
Blinded by the Light
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Bloom Where You’re Planted
Bob Marley
Born To Reign
Born To Run
Boundless Beauty
Bring It On
Cast Your Net
Chariot of Clouds
Christmas Beau
Cindy Jones
Clash of Civilizations
Cloud of Witnesses
Cloud Rider
Columbus Nights
Cosmic Ray
Cosmic Struggle
Creation Rejoices
Crown of Splendor
Crowning Light
Cup of Cold Water
Dark Night of the Soul
Darla Anita
Day of Reckoning
Debutante Double
Deliberate Pace
Delta's Dream
Desire of Nations
Dipped In Ink
Dove In Flight
Dragon Fang
Drink The Light
Dutch Yellow Truffle
Edge Of Your Seat
Eight Miles High
El Shaddai
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elegant Candy
Elfin Reflection
End of the Age
Enduring Freedom
Entwined in the Vine
Expensive Taste
Eye on the Sparrow
Eyes on the Prize
Faith that Moves Mountains
Faithful and True
Fear Not
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Fight the Good Fight
Filled to Overflowing
Finish the Race
Flight Into Egypt
Footprints in the Sand
Forty Days and Forty Nights
Fountain of Life
Georgia Pansy Face
Gnashing Of Teeth
Go in Peace
Golden Wisdom
Gone to Glory
Gospel Music
Gospel Truth
Greatest Gift of All
Handwriting on the Wall
Happy Apache
Healing Touch
Heartbeat of Heaven
Heavenly Angel Ice
Heavenly Pink Fang
Hiding Place
Home Fires Burning
Honey Crunch Cupcake
*Hudson Valley
Inscribed on My Heart
Intelligent Design
John Pelham
Journey To Ixtlan
Joyful Assembly
Judy's Penthouse Double
Julia Uhey
Kansas City Kicker
Katherine Caldwell
Keep the Faith
*King of the Ages
Kingdom Without End
Lemonberry Truffle
Light of the World
Linda Sierra
Little Light of Mine
Little Surfer Girl
Loaves and Fishes
Lollipop Kisses
Lone Star Longhorn
Lone Star Sweetheart
Mae Graham
Magnify the Lord
Malachite Prism (Tet)
Memphis Insomniac
Memphis Morning Star
Mighty Fortress
Mister Butters
Monet's Garden
Morning Fog
Moses in the Bulrushes
Mount Ararat
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
My Utmost for His Highest
My Yoke is Easy
Mysterious Ways
New Every Morning
Night Dreams
No More Tears
Nocturnal Butterfly
Not Guilty
On Looks Alone
Open Door
Overflowing Heart
*Pathway of Peace
Peace Beyond Understanding
Peppermint Truffle
Phantom Duck
Picture In Picture (single, but rebloom blossoms are double)
Pink Stripes
Pins And Needles
Piping Rock
Poly Want A Cracker
Possum In A Sack
Precious Promises
Premium Cream
Profound Mystery
Purple Badger
Purple Maze
Rarin' Aaron
Repeat the Sounding Joy
Restores My Soul
Rich in Mercy
Robed in Majesty
Rock of Salvation
Rolling Like A River
Rosy Outlook
Rosy Spiketail
Sassy Shannon
Scarlet Marie
Scarlet Pimpernel
Secret of Contentment
Senator Edward M. Kennedy
Sermon on the Mount
Set Free
Seven Seals
Seventy Times Seven
Shadow of His Hand
Shine on Me
Shining through the Darkness
Shores Of Time
Shout From the Mountaintops
Sister Of Mine
Sitting on a Cloud
Skin of My Teeth
Snake In The Grass Boo
So Beautiful To Me
Sons of Thunder
Soul on Fire
South Sea Enchantment
Spacecoast Cool Deal
Spacecoast Fancy Dancer
Spacecoast Gator Eye
Spacecoast Irish Illumination
Spacecoast Passion Released
Spacecoast Scrambled
Spacecoast Sharp Tooth (single, but rebloom blossoms are double)
Spacecoast Sprawler
Spirit of Truth
Spoken in Parables
Star of the North
Stella's Ruffled Fingers
Steve's Corn Rows
Storm Shelter
Stranger in a Strange Land
Sunny Intervals
Sweetest Name I Know
Symphony Of Praise
Tal Of Gascone
Tangerine Horses
Terrible Swift Sword
The Height Of Discovery
Thistles And Thorns
Thomas Tew
Through a Glass Darkly
Thundering Voice
Tim Kornder
Timeless Truth
Totally Awesome
Tower of Babel
Triumphal Procession
Turn the Other Cheek
Tutti Frutti Curls
Ultimate Fantasy (single, but rebloom blossoms are double)
Unshakable Kingdom
Vanishing Mist
Velvet Ribbons
Via Dolorosa
Violet Explosion
Vivid Heart
Wall of Fire
Way of Life

This list is by no means complete. If you know of other hardy rebloomers, please send me their names to my email address in the right hand corner below.

*As reported by a grower/hybridizer in mid-coast Maine (zone 6a), this cultivar doesn't rebloom for him.

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