Daylilies Reported to do Well in Semi-Shade

Jan 1, 2019
Jungle Beauty (2)

Photo taken in our gardens

Jungle Beauty

Fuchsia Four (2)

Photo taken in our gardens

Fuchsia Four

Rose F. Kennedy

Photo taken in our gardens

Rose F. Kennedy

Ah Youth
All About Eve
Always Afternoon
Always Regal
Bamboo Spitfire
Bangkok Bay
Beautiful Edgings
Bertie Ferris
Black Eyed Stella
Burmese Buddha
Catherine Woodbery
Chicago Apache
Chorus Line
Cute As Can Be
Dallas Star
Darker Shade
Dixie Land Band
Dynamite Returns
Emerald Starburst
Exotic Rings
Feather Down
Fuchsia Four
Golden Prize
Green Dolphin Street
Happy hooligan
Happy Returns
Hip to be Square
Hot Ember
Ice Carnival
Insider Trading
Jungle Beauty
King Lamoni
Larry's Obsession
Lavender Vista
Leebea Orange Crush
Lemon Lily
Lillian’s Crazy Arms
Little Liza Jane
Little Wine Cup
Lullaby Baby
Luxury Lace
Madge Cayse
Magic of Oz
Mini Pearl
Mini Stella
Miniature King
Moon Witch
Moosa Pa Loosa
Night Embers
One Fine Day
Party Popper
Penny's Worth
Persimmon Punch
Pink Charm
Prairie Blue Eyes
Precious de Oro
Princess Diana
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Quad Eye
Ransom note
Rayon Double
Rose F. Kennedy
Route Sixty Six
Russian Easter
Ruth Whitten
Sears Tower
Shy Maiden
Siloam Double Classic
Sings the blues
So Lovely
South Seas
Spacecoast Cool Deal
Star of India
Starman’s Quest
Strawberry Candy
Sun Silk
Vintage Bordeaux
Yankee Pinstripes

Over time some of these daylily varieties may dwindle. This is especially true if the site is shaded by trees. The bigger they get the more shade they will produce. Once blooming has noticeably declined, it's time to move those plants to other areas as room permits. Alternatively, you may wish to trim, or eliminate completely, limbs causing increased shade.

Gardeners who grow daylilies in southern zones (zone 7 and higher) will find that daylilies in those climates are more shade-tolerant than those who live in the Mid-Atlantic and lower zones.

Another consideration: Beds on the shady side of a building with bright walls may bloom very well because of the indirect light that is reflected off the building.

Daylily growers have reported that many of hybridizer Bill Munson's cultivars are shade tolerant. Here are the top 24 Munson shade-tolerant selections that he considers his best:
Betty Warren Woods
Carolyn Hendrix
Cherry Chapeau
China Lake
Court Magician
Emperor's Dragon
Highland Lord
Kate Carpenter
Lexington Avenue
Lilting Bell
Malaysian Monarch
Merry Witch
Mountain Violet
Nivia Guest
Olive Bailey Langdon
Ruffled Dude
Ruffles Elegante
Russian Rhapsody
Sea Goddess
Silver Ice
Spanish Masquerade
South Seas

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